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" Clutter can make me feel like I'm paralyzed without a way to see through to what I need to do. Jen of Great Space Organizing was the antidote to that feeling. She comes in with a calm demeanor and can-do attitude that makes it seem like you might actually get down to the bottom of that pile of garbage that's been piling up forever. Having her come over helped me sort out some spaces and see how to start working on others. Jen's an inspirational, organizational guru!" Taylor~ Oakland, Ca. 



"Are you sick of looking at piles or general disarray in rooms in your house? Are you frustrated that you can’t find the tweezers or a thermometer when you need one? Do you get up early for work and have a hard time finding the match to your work shoes? A conversation with Jen will change all that. It did for me.Jen has improved my life and has had a positive impact on my home and family and she was here yesterday! The strategies she gave me were specific and actionable. I was able to tackle several of the small projects the very next day. Now, I cannot wait for her to come back for more suggestions. I also feel ready to purge even more. Thank you Jen for helping me enjoy my space again!" ~Amy, Castro Valley


 "I hired Jenifer after meeting her at a party.  I loved her warm, genuine nature. Turns out her organizing skills are just as wonderful as her personality.  I was having my kitchen cabinets sanded and painted which meant everything had to come out.  An enormous mess ensued which was completely overwhelming.   Jenifer was not fazed and in no time at all we had gone through the mess.  My kitchen is now is way easier to keep clean and manageable. My husband and messy teenagers love it too. I now actually like being in the kitchen!I have hired other organizers in the past and this was by far the most enjoyable experience I've had and look forward to Jen helping me with the rest of the house.  I promise you will not be disappointed." Libby, Marin



"Working with Jen is the best holiday gift that I could have given myself. My workspace feels transformed and my productivity greatly increased. We started with my office but she also gave me so many ideas about the rest of my house and after seeing how she transformed my office space I can’t wait to get started on the rest of my space. She came over for a free consultation and offered a few different options of what we could do with the space then went and did all the shopping on my behalf. She arrived on the day of our appointment with all of the organizing products and they worked wonderfully in my space. Jen went right to work while I was busy with other projects and I was absolutely astonished at what she did in just 2 hours. I never thought I was someone who had a lot of clutter and was not expecting to purge much, however Jen ended up taking away multiple bags of items that she would either recycle or donate appropriately. Not only is Jen fabulous at what she does and incredibly efficient and fast but she is also, simply, lovely to be around and brings so much positivity with her and to your space. ~ Journey, Oakland, Ca.


 "What can I say, Jen brought order out of chaos and organization to my closet! She is The WIZARD OF WARDROBES!!!" ~ Joe, San Francisco 


"Jen came to my apartment in SOMA for a free estimate and gave me recommendations for every room and closet in my home. She presented me with different levels of options for containers, shelves and other items she would buy on my behalf. On the day of my appointment she arrived with all of the products and worked with me to remove unnecessary junk that had accumulated everywhere. We ended up purging 8 full trash bags of clutter, which Jen would later sort through on her own to recycle or donate as appropriate. The storage and container products Jen brought were exactly what my place needed and very reasonably priced. After a few hours of work, every room, bathroom and closet in my apartment was clean and clear, and above all, organized! What a great feeling!"~ Olcay, San Francisco


 "I have always intended on hiring an organizer to help me clear the clutter in my home.  It has always intimidated me to invite someone in to help me make sense of my space.  When I met Jen I knew immediately that she was the one! I felt completely comfortable with her and knew that she was sincerely there to help and wasn't judging the insane mess that compromised my creative work space.  She took one look around and instantly had suggestions that would help improve the use of space in our studio. I decided to let go of my control freak tendencies And allow her to work her magic.  What I came home to was absolutely astonishing! It was a new space! A great space! My home felt transformed and to me this is priceless. Jen is creative, warm, efficient and inspiring.  I'm excited to have her back to transform our dreaded bathroom!Thank you so much!! "~ Donnamarie, San Francisco



"Working with Jen has been one of the best gifts I've ever given to myself! I've tended to attract clutter for my whole life. I'd have spurts of energy where I could do a big clean up, but it felt impossible to keep it that way. It was easy to blame it on having two small kids, but the truth is that I've always attracted clutter. The great thing about Jen is she sets systems in place that make staying organized not only possible, but easy! I feel so much better about my house and myself as I witness being able to keep things organized and looking beautiful!"- Lorrie, Half Moon Bay



 "Jen at Great Space Organizing literally helped me to change my life. I had recently come out of a long term relationship, and when my ex moved out my emotional life and my home was in shambles.  I had piles of clothes completely filling a couch, and I wasn't making any use of the drawers or shelves in my room or closet. Shoes were all over the floor, and due to a mouse problem that needed to be dealt with, I wasn't even willing to walk into my closet let alone clean it or use it. Jen told me about an option for her to come to my home when I was out of town on a business trip, and she transformed the place for me overnight. My shoes are now neatly stored in a hanging organizer on the back of two of my doors, my towels are organized and stacked, even the mess below my sink (soaps, shampoos, medicines, etc) have been cleaned up and organized into cute little baskets! Jen took the pile of clothes and categorized them by type, length, and color.  I couldn't believe how beautiful and accessible all of my things are now.  It's like night and day from where I was before. This has made a huge improvement in my daily life.  I can appreciate and use the beautiful things that I have, and I feel better aboutmyself and my emotional state.  Thank you so much Jen!!!"-Caroline- San Francisco, Ca



"Ok, to everyone out there who feels like they just need a little help getting organized, let me introduce you to Jen of Great Space Organizing - she literally rocked my world! My office and closet were a disaster, like a bomb had gone off, and it was truly impeding my ability to get s*@t done. and was hanging over me for months... and after i saw what jen had done for my sis-in-law, i had her come over and survey the damage. she came by and whipped me and my mess into shape in no time flat - and she helped me let go of stuff i'd been hanging on to for no good reason, but in the most compassionate way. seriously i am so thankful for the space in my house and in my head since jen helped me get organized. and i've even done some organizing on my own since then - getting rid of stuff and putting everything in it's place is addicting. I highly recommend jen if you are a little stuck in the mess zone - she has a passion for organizing and she is a lovely human to boot! thank you Jenifer, you rock!"-Pilar, San Francisco!



"I generally don't consider myself messy or unorganized but my tiny closet in my tiny apartment had become what felt like an impossible space. I was convinced that there simply was not enough space and that is why the closet looked the way it did--bad. I had actually forgotten about a lot of the items I had stored in there because they were buried so deep! I have to admit, it was a bit anxiety provoking to have someone come over and look and my mess but Jen was incredible. The consultation was awesome! She asked questions and gave suggestions....I was getting so excited I could hardly wait to see what she would do with the space! A few days later Jen gave my closet a major remodel and the best part--I was't even there! I came home to a whole new closet. My apartment as a whole feels more organized and there is a new level of calmness I feel every time I open the closet and get ready for my day. One of the best presents I ever gave myself was hiring Jen. She is a true talent." - Hasti- Oakland, Ca



"Jen Ackerman of Great Space Organizing is a real gem! It is rare to find such a talented organized person with an eye for what will work best for your situation AND is soo easy to collaborate with AND also has the most cheery and fun-ultimate personality to boot. I am a person who's life is quite full, and with work and other pursuits, my room had gotten more than a bit out of hand. After putting it off for waay too long, I decided it was high time my house got a little love and attention in the new year. Miracle worker Jen came in and a few hours later my room was transformed from a disaster site to a beautiful oasis, with everything in its place. Seriously, I felt like Cinderella, and I had been sprinkled with magic dust from my fairy godmother, Jen. The first sight of my transformed room made me jump for joy!  She also helped me come up with creative, low budget ideas to keep my room in tip top shape, and I am keeping it that way from now on. I am so thankful for Jen and her skills, and ready to tackle this new year with space and grace!"- Micah, Oakland 




"Hey folks! I want to thank Great Space Organizing for helping me make my house a welcome place to come home to! Jen did an amazing job over two days last fall organizing the clutter and chaos that was in my kitchen and closets! Thanks so much Jen! I highly recommend her work!" -Dan, Oakland 



"Jenifer Ackerman and Great Space Organizing changed my life. First of all Jenifer is very professional and affordable. She is creative and innovative so she was quick to transform my over crowded back room at my retail store, that had been neglected into a organized and polished looking back room. Now, we have more space and a small break area and we couldn't be more happy. I would recommend Jenifer for any and all jobs, I know she can transform any space big or small." - Sarah , Oakland 



  "Having become disabled fairly recently after a big move among other things, I found myself in quite a predicament when I realized that I wasn't able to unpack my boxes and clean up my place like I thought I could. I had a lot of partially unpacked boxes, and quite a mess to deal with, and was very frustrated with the entire situation. A friend of mine mentioned a professional organizer, so I gave it some thought. It was right around this time when I became aware of Jennifer through an acquaintance. I looked at her site, read about what she does and decided she was exactly what I needed, so I gave her a call. We scheduled a day and time, and after going through the basics of what I wanted and how we would work it out, I was floored by how fast, efficient and thorough she was. I found her to be very trustworthy, personable, genuine, and true to her word. She gets the job done and is very flexible. I would recommend her to anyone who hasn't the time, or just hates organizing, or is terrible at it, like myself. Having  my stuff dealt with so quickly was such a relief and unburdening for me.I also found her very understanding and patient, as I can be stubborn and difficult when it comes to my things. My head was even clearer because I wasn't seeing the mess that I dreaded tackling every day. A clean place brings a calmer me! Thanks Great space for making my new home lovelier." - Gwen, Oakland


"Jen is amazing. In just a few hours she was able to tackle a gigantic mess that accumulated in my home over years. I had avoided dealing with it, but she completely stripped and cleaned the rooms and the porches. She is systematic and works from one end to the other, finds great solutions to storage problems, and knows where to go to get rid of different kinds of junk (old futons, books, kitchen stuff, clothes, and various other miscellaneous items). She's got a great approach, great attitude, and lots of stamina. I highly recommend her work, for even the toughest disaster areas." - Hannah L. , Oakland 



"This was the best money I could have spent. Even my husband, who is tight with money, thought is was amazing. Jen is a wonderful person to work with. I really have no words to describe how amazing she really is. She organized my laundry/ storage room with what describe as ease and no judgment. She inspired my children to clean and organize their room and homework center. She has magic powers. " -Ari, Castro Valley